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Access to Independence,

11 Atlas Gardens, London,


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Welcome to Access to Independence

Our aim is to offer a high quality and personalised Occupational Therapy assessments to anyone who requires specific practical advice and assistance in making their environment more accessible.

These assessments can be for individuals or organisations. They are intended for anyone who is having difficulties with managing basic day to day activities, at home or work, or organisations who want to make their buildings equally accessible to anyone who wishes to use them. These problems can often be resolved by the provision of equipment or a simple adaptation of the building however we are able to provide a full major adaptation service if required.

The ethos behind Access to Independence is that large and seemingly overwhelming problems can often be resolved with quite straight forward solutions. I particular we focus on issues concerning access and mobility and a person’s ability for to carry our their ‘Activities of Daily Living’ - their normal regular tasks. We also firmly believe that in order to maintain a persons’ independence and to ensure that any solutions are suitable and appropriate, that person has to be an integral part of the process.

By enabling a person to take ownership of the project and by understanding the importance of maintaining their cultural identity and their inclusion in society, our recommendations and solutions are much more likely to suit their needs and their lifestyle.

We will always try to find the simplest and most cost effective solution to any problem and will always give clear and straightforward advice on any difficulties.

Most of all, we want people to be satisfied that they have had sensible, practical and affordable advice which focused on their issues.